Dream Flight Ahi

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Well them guys at Dream Flight have done it again!!! Their new model, the Ahi from Dream Flight is going to be the model to have!




Inspired by years of “in your face” flying with our Weasel and Alula gliders, the Ahi takes your slope expression to the next level of performance. The Ahi reinvents freestyle aerobatics with a totally fresh design. Pump it, roll it, spin it, snap it, tumble it, embrace the potential. The canvas has never been bigger- let your creative paint fly!




WINGSPAN          1200 mm (47.2 in)
WING AREA         20.52 dm2 (318 in2)
WEIGHT               340-425 gm (12-15 oz)
WING LOADING   16.6-20.7 gm/dm2 (5.4-6.8 oz/ft2)
CONTROLS           4-6 Channels (elevons)
SKILL LEVEL        Accomplished Weaseler!
ASSEMBLY            Under an hour
FLIGHT STYLE      Freestlye slope shredder
WIND SPEED        4-9 m/s (8-20 mph)

Items Required for Completion:


  • Transmitter with programmable flaperon mixing and adjustable dual rates/EPA
  • Micro receiver
  • 4 durable micro servos (Part DFFA009 or purchase our Ahi flight pack, Part DFFA022)
  • Receiver battery: 4.8V 700mAh 2/3AA NiMH (Part DFFA021)
  • Small tools, Blenderm tape or adhesive


Strongly Recommended:



  • Flight Pack for Ahi (Part DFFA022)
  • Blenderm Tape for securing airframe (Part 1525-0)
  • Steel Balance/Ballast Weights (Part DFFAA002)