Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy 30min 2x 4.25oz Bottles

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A clear, extremely strong, non-shrinking adhesive, specially formulated for moderate strength and water resistance.




Sets crystal clear.
Bonds:  Acrylic, China, Fiberglass, Metal, Wood, Concrete, Ceramic, Glass
Tensile Strength:  2500 psi per inch
Color:  Clear to light yellow
Water resistant & most chemicals.
Handling Time:  30 Minutes
Set Time:  30 Minutes
Full Cure:  24 Hours
Temperature Range:  -60°F to 180°F


Tips & Tricks:


Only mix the amount of resin and hardener together that can be used within the handling time.
Can mix colored chalk with epoxy to repair enamel and china that has been nicked.  Can also add color pigment concentrate. This must be done after the resin and hardener have been thoroughly mixed together.
Use painters or masking tape to protect any areas from unwanted epoxy exposure.  Remove tape before the epoxy cures.