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Chris Foss Designs Middle Phase 2 RC Glider

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Multi-purpose RC glider.

For the slope, Hi-Start or power assist.
In 2 versions satisfying the complete novice through to expert.


Primary Trainer
Specifically designed for the novice.
Uses simple rudder and elevator controls.
Dihedral wings offering built in stability for easy flying.
Capable of aerobatics and offering a wide speed range.


An excellent second stage trainer for competent pilots.
More sophisticated handling using aileron control.
Superb aerobatic performance that will thrill the expert.
Excellent soaring abilities with a wide speed range.

Wing Span 61 inches / 1549mm
Wing Area 450 sq. in
Wing Loading 11ozs/sq ft
Weight 34ozs / 963gm



  • Superb ultra simple and robust construction
  • Ready made veneered foam wing panels
  • Precision pre-cut selected wood parts
  • Self adhesive decals
  • Full linkage and hardware pack
  • Moulded wing fairing
  • Comprehensive, fully illustrated instruction manual ....
  • .... including special advice on flying for the novice