CHAServo HV85 LDS Frame Kit

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First choose the LDS frame version with the desired LDS horn length, then select your required spec of control surface horn size for us to add to your kit.


Package include:


2pcs d3x50mm(m3x0.5p thread)push rod
2pcs Dual Servo Horn H:5mm
2pcs Servo Frame
4pcs Ø2x10.5mm Stanless Steel Pin
8pcs E-clip
4pcs M3x4 Screw
4pcs M2.5x16 Screw
2pcs Aluminum Connector 4x4x22mm (for Dual Control Horn)
2pcs Aluminum Connector R 3.9x3.9x24mm (for LDS Servo Horn)
4pcs Optional Control Horn piece




Apply to CHA HV85 SERVO
Anodizied Aluminium Alloy Surface
The linkage and servo arm run into each other so that the maximum servo travel can be used
Precisely fitting and play-free servo arm (center distance 5mm)
Optimal power transmittion possible