Art Hobby Skua 1.5 Metre Glider

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This glider was specially engineered for slope and hand launch enthusiasts. Is very light constructed rigid high performance 1.5-meter slope glider. Its light flying mass and composite fuselage construction makes it very rugged. The MH32/30 modified thin airfoil was specially designed to allow superb air penetration, very wide range of speed and excellent handling.


Skua will fly in light breeze as well in winds reaching 40+ MPH and with added ballast (750 grams flying weigh) it shows it's real potential.


Skua is an excellent sloper due to its toughness and very good flying and handling characteristics.


Kit contains:
model components, all necessary hardware, drawing and step by step instructions.





  • Wingspan 1500 mm
  • Hull length 1020 mm
  • Wing area 21.00 dm²
  • Wing profile MH-32/30 mod.
  • Libra 240 g
  • Weight in flight 330 g





Radio 4-channel or more
Receiver 4-channel or more
Servos 2 pcs. HS-45HB ; or similar
Ballast horizontal / vertical 2 pcs. HS-65HB , or similar
Battery 750mAh, 4.8V or similar
Connector 4-Pin