Art Hobby Avatar ET 3.4 Metre Glider Flapped Version

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Avatar 3.4M - light weight electro-glider F5J class. It's clean low drag design provides excellent air penetration with wide range of speed and flying weight ~1600 g (~56 oz.) makes it an ultimate thermal electro-glider. This original, and very modern construction is a statement to years of experience in designing and active competition.


The fuselage pod and vertical stabilizer are made from pre-painted, molded, composite materials (epoxy/glass-carbon-fiber).
The fuselage pod features removable canopy for easy access to radio and drive gear and is 2.4GHz friendly.
Its strong tapered tail boom is made of carbon-glass-fiber composite.
The wing cores are precision cut from special high-density white polystyrene foam and for superb strength wings have molded in carbon/glass composite spars.
The black poplar veneer is bonded to the foam with aircraft industry grade epoxy in high pressure mold for perfect airfoil fidelity and warp-free wing. Our original 3-segments wing design is very strong and convenient, precut pockets for the spoilers and internally hinged ailerons are minimizing the building time. The horizontal stabilizer with pre-hinged elevator and rudder are made from selected balsa wood and fully laminated. The removable horizontal stabilizer and 3-segment wing allows easy storage and transport flexibility.


Kit contains: 
model, plans, step by step instructions, all necessary hardware and glider name wing sticker.



Wing span
Wing profile
Wing area
Glider weight
Flying weight
Wing loa
3400 mm / 133.85 in.
~1500 mm / ~59.05in.
55.44 dm² / 859.32sq.in.
~970 g / ~34.03 oz.
~1600 g /~ 56.14 oz.
~28.86 g / dm²
7+ch. Optima-7/9, Maxima-9, similar
2 x HS-5065MG, HS-5070HD
2 x HS-65HB
1 x HS-5065MG
1 x HS-5065MG, HS-65MG
ART-2400, ART-2600
50A - 54A
40mm LD
16x8 CAM
1550 - 2200 mAh, 3S LiPo