Aeroic Corsa 108 Moulded Glider

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Designed from the well regarded slope soaring designer James Hammond. The extra span opens up the performance envelope, allowing the model to stay up in lighter airs and also to fly larger higher energy aerobatics on those big air days.

The all moulded carbon and glass the Aeroic Corsa has a superb speed range, very precise and predictable aerobatic handling, making it probably the best sloper currently available. It is built strong enough for high energy slope aerobatics while also being light enough to be enjoyable in lighter winds.

The reducing thickness, optimally cambered sections will let you go from really slow landing speeds with the flaps down to heart thudding passes with a little reflex.


Aeroic Corsa 108 Moulded Glider


  • Carbon reinforced glass wings
  • Carbon reinforced glass fuselage
  • Carbon wing joiner
  • Wirer harness for fuselage and wings
  • Ballast tube included
  • Small parts included


Corsa Sport is build to deliver great fun at the slope in light to medium conditions or good thermals. The speed range is vast and is very efficient for this light build. The fine crafted parts fit perfect together and the build time is manageable.

The Corsa Sport is very good to handle in every situation and the landing with butterfly is absolutely stressless.




  • Glider
  • Electro (Glider fuselage as base, elliptic shape which needs to be brought into round shape)


Wings and tailplane:


  • High strength gel-coat carbon reinforced glass wings in sandwich build
  • Clean, high quality processing