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TOPMODELcz Gracia 3.07M Lightweight EP Thermal Glider

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TopmodelCZ Gracia 3.07M is a lightweight thermal electric glider - excellent for F5J competition flying but also makes a rewarding sport machine.

Graceful and elegant, Gracia's flying surfaces are finished in transparent Oracover® to reveal the precision open framework.

The wing spars and leading edge are carbon fibre giving the wing strength and stiffness. The fuselage is also carbon reinforced

Excellent flight qualities are assured by the thin wing aerofoil section and low wing loading. Thanks to the long fuselage, the model has a calm and steady glide and performance can easily be maximised using full camber control with the ailerons and large flaps. CROW braking allows safe, accurate and easily controlled landings.

With the recommended power train or equivalent, performance to altitude is stunning - the subsequent glide time can be counted in hours rather than in minutes!

Manufacturers Equipment Guide:

  • Motor: MVVS 4,6/840 sport
  • ESC: 60 Amp
  • Spinner: 40mm dia.
  • Folding Prop: AeroNaut CAM Carbon (12x8" - for 4S LiPo, 14x8" - for 3S LiPo)
  • Battery: 3- 4S LiPo 2.9 to 3.3mAh capacity
  • Servos: 6x HS 82MG

Kit Contents:

  • Lightweight but tough fuselage, moulded in white tinted epoxy fibreglass with carbon reinforcement.
  • Three-piece, balsa framework wing, with carbon wing joiner, leading edges and wing spar all beautufully covered with genuine Oracover®.
  • Tailplane components are balsa framework with carbon spar and leading edges, all also covered with Oracover®.
  • Top quality hardware and accessories.
  • Vinyl CNC cut stickers.
  • Comprehensive assembly manual with step by step illustrations.

Manual: Click here PDF