TopModel Diva 3M High Performance Sailplane

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Diva is a high performance glider that is extremely easy to fly and which is larger than our successful model MANTA.


The wing uses a modern Selig airfoil and it is equipped with both ailerons and flaps. There are several possibilities how to mix the functions of the flaps (high performance thermal soaring, spot landing etc.)

You will enjoy its ability to climb well in thermals. However, Diva is also a great performer for light lift condition on the slope.

The electric version of the Diva is our model THERMIK DREAM.




  • White gel-coated fiberglass fuselage
  • Three-piece wing, polystyrene / balsa construction reinforced by glass fabric
  • Horizontal stabilizer is factory-built of balsa, NACA airfoil ¨
  • Rudder is also built from balsa
  • All parts are covered with Oracover® - ARF version
  • Fiberglas wing tips as well as the canopy, gel-coated in silver
  • Accessories (pushrods, levers, mountings etc.)
  • Large decal sheet
  • Well-illustrated step-by-step instruction manual