Panasonic Eneloop Hitec Aurora 2000mAh 7.2v Battery

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Panasonic Eneloop 2000mAh AA 7.2v Transmitter TX Hitec Aurora

Panasonic Eneloop 2000mAh NiMH Batteries are the top choice for high capacity, high drain rechargeable cells. With a retention rate of up to 70% over 5 years, and an ultra-long life of up to 2100 cycles the Panasonic Eneloop 2000 hold the same qualities as the ever popular Sanyo Eneloop 2000 Brand.
Panasonic Eneloop 2000 batteries can be charged with standard NiMH/NiCd chargers. We recommend a standard charge of 200mA for 12 hours or a fast charge at 2Ah for 1.2 hours.
Panasonic Eneloop 2000mAh Battery Packs Feature;
• Supplied fully charged, ready to use
• Conforms to the Green Certificate System
• New generation Eneloop Cells
• Low Self Discharge - 65-70% retention after 5 years
• Packs Constructed using Capacitor Discharge welding
• High Quality, multi-strand silicone wire
• JR Universal RX / TX Lead
• Constructed to Overlander's high standards in the UK by trained operatives