Overlander RC6-VSR 7A 80W AC/DC Multi-Charger

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An upgrade of our best-selling charger, the RC6-VSP, this new release holds all of the same features that make the VSP one of our customers' all-time favourite products, but also has the added advantage of having an internal resistance checker feature.

The RC6-VSR has charging, discharging, balancing, storage and fast charge facilities, making this 80W, 7A output AC/DC charger one of our most efficient chargers in our collection.
This charger features:
► High-power and high-performance (max output - 80W, max charge - 7A, max discharge - 1A) 
► Microprocessor controlled
► An internal Lithium battery balancing function
► Individual cell monitoring
► Cyclic charging/discharging for NiMH and NiCd packs
► Delta-peak sensitivity