FrSky Neuron II 60 ESC

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Based on the performance and design features of the first-gen NEURON ESC products, the NEURON II line steps it up by offering a broader selection of ESC models to various demands in different applications.

The NEURON II 60 comes with a fully enclosed all-CNC machined aluminum casing design, ensuring efficient heat dissipation while handling a continuous current of 60A. The NEURON II series can transmit telemetry data from built-in sensors to the radio by the receiver, allowing users to get real-time insights right from the radio system. RPM, power consumption, temperature, input/output voltage, and current readings are all at your fingertips.

With added support for the FBUS protocol, the NEURON II takes convenience to a whole new level! Users can now easily configure the BEC output voltage and other ESC parameters directly from the transmitter via the receiver. Or with even more flexibility, hook up NEURON II ESC to the ETHOS radio’s S.Port for seamless wired configuration without requiring a receiver (this feature will be available on ETHOS 1.5.0 and later versions). The traditional configuration method through a PC webpage is also retained. There’s more! The NEURON II 60/80 comes with support for multiple signaling protocols which can be used to drive and configure a wide range of compatible motors.


  • All-CNC Machined Aluminum Case aiding in Heat Dissipation
  • Various Telemetry Data (for ESC & SBEC) via FBUS / S.Port
  • Telemetry data for ESC: Batt Voltage & Current (Resolution 125mA, Precision ±2%), RPM, Power Consumption, Temperature.
  • Telemetry data for SBEC: Output Voltage & Current (Resolution 50mA, Precision ±2%).
  • Adjustable SBEC Output Voltage & ESC Parameters by LUA scripts (on ETHOS, OPTX radios.) or PC Configuration Webpage (by STK tool)
  • Supports Various Signaling Inputs for Motor Control (PWM, DShot, OneShot)
  • High-Performance32-bit Microprocessor
  • Over-Temperature and Over-Current Protection


  • Dimension: 59×34×15.2mm(L×W×H)
  • Weight: 75g (with wires included.)
  • Battery Input Voltage Range: 11.2-25.2V (3S-6S Li batteries)
  • BEC Output Voltage Range: 10A@5V~8.4V (Adjustable & Voltage Step 0.1V)
  • Continuous Current: 60A