Art Hobby Scalar ECL F5J 4 metre Glider

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Art Hobby Scalar ECL F5J 4 metre Glider,


A great F5J competition aircraft, which can also be used for fun flying and has excellent thermal flight characteristics.
It’s a true “stay in the air” glider in weak conditions, its size allowing long-range flying while sniffing out for thermal upwinds




Wing span          4000 mm / 157,48 in.
Length                1700 mm / 66.93 in.
Wing area           82,7 dm² / 1281.85 sq.in.
Wing airfoil          PS-30-1, PS-30-2, PS-30-3, PS-30-4
Wing Load           ~18.74 g / dm²
Glider weight         n.d.
Weight in flight   ~1550 g / ~54.68 oz.


Kit contains:
model components (tail units in very light carbon design), all necessary hardware, drawing and step by step instructions.



Radio 8+ch.
Receiver 8+ch. Optima-7, Maxima-9, similar
Servos 4 x HS-125MG, 2 x HS-70MG
Motor ART-1300
Spinner 35 mm LD
Propeller 12×6.5 CAM
Battery 1300 3-cell, LiPo Tattu
Motor Mount 35mm (#M01004)
4-Pin Connector x4
Lacquer x 2