• Maat 3 DLG Competition F3K Moulded Glider

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    The Maat 3 is a competiton winning DLG F3K 1.5m full carbon glider manufactured in Czeck the wing is produced from UMS biaxial carbon for strength and ultimate lightness


    The wing is all designed by Gerald Taylor. Fuselage and tails are by VUT Brno (they designed a probe to Mars for ESA) 
    The entire Czech junior national team and half of the senior competitors have been flown with Maat 3.


    The model we have in stock is a classed as the middle weight option layup at 240g AUW thats with servos and battery, and is supplied with wing bags for protection.

    Maat 3 Manual click here



    Recevier Archer R4 or RX4R

    Servos: Frskt Xact HV5612 or HV5611