• Hall Magnetic Switch V2

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    New V2 version in stock, smaller with even less battery drain than before, Standby Current (Off State): - ~ 5μA


    This Hall Magnetic Switch is produced in the UK by one of T9's selected specialists, and has been designed for simple but secure operation with the supplied magnet. Ideal for when access is limited or time consuming. (Don't we all just love taping nose cones on, and messing with recalcitrant canopies ...... ! )

    Fobs for the magnet provided can be found at this link: Magnet Fob


    Oscillation free - turn your model on and off with ease.  You cannot accidentally turn the model off when you turn it on.

    Positively switched, ideal for electric models. ESC safe - there is no need for an opto isolator.

    High current switch. The switch allows up to 20 A of constant output current depending on the wires gauge and length.

    Surface mounted components vibration safe.

    Customisable switch off time (On request at extra cost).

    Defaults to ON if the battery is disconnected and when reconnected, the output will turn ON every time.  eg. during brown-out due to bad battery connection.

    The magnetic switch is programmed to sample the magnet over the sensor for a set period of time without interruption.  Only then will it turn the output off.

    Extreme resilience to magnetic interference due to the specific algorithm programmed to the switch micro-controller.

    Installation and Operation:
    1. Place the switch as close to the fuselage or wing surface as possible and mark the sensor position on the exterior. (Sensor is marked S on the PCB)
    2. Use double sided adhesive tape or foam pad to hold the switch in place securely.
    3. When the switch is plugged into the power supply for the first time, it will turn ON.
    4. To turn the switch OFF, place the supplied magnet over the sensor for 3 seconds without interruption and the output will turn OFF. (TIP: count 1, 1000, 2, 1000, 3, 1000)
    5. To turn the magnetic switch ON, just swipe the magnet over the sensor.
    6. Please ensure a full range check of the model is undertaken prior to use.


    • Supply Voltage: 3V - 8.7V
    • Dropout voltage (Input vs output): 100mV @10.2A
    • Continuous Operating current: ~ 20A
    • Peak Output current: ~ 50A
    • Standby Current (Off State): - ~ 5μA
    • Operating temperature range: -40°C 80°C
    • 27 x 11.5 x 6mm (1.06” x 0.45” x 0.23”)
    • Total cable length approx 280mm (11.0236”)
    • Weight including all cables: ~ 9g (0.32oz)