• FrSky Archer PLUS R10+ ACCESS Receiver

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    The Archer line of receivers has been enhanced further with the addition of the new Archer Plus Series.


    The Archer Plus Series receivers include some new features. Firstly an enhanced anti-RF-Interference capability can offer a more solid RF performance, and this is in addition to existing anti-interfere performance in the spark ignition process. These Plus series receivers are also with both ACCESS and ACCST D16 modes, where the RF protocol is smart matched during the binding process on the radio. With the Black-Box function, some basic flight data (like Power & Signal related) can be well preserved.


    FrSky Archer PLUS R10+ ACCESS Receiver


    The R10+ receivers have 10 configurable channel ports*, each channel port can be assigned as PWM, SBUS, FBUS, or S.Port. The R10+ can be used as a Primary receiver in a redundant solution by setting a port as SBUS In and connecting to any other FrSky receiver equipped with an SBUS Out port. With the FBUS protocol, the Archer Plus series receivers can open up the possibility of seamlessly pairing with multiple telemetry devices (XACT servos, ADV Sensors, etc.) as well as simplifying the builds setup. This receiver also supports full-range signal strength with dual detachable antennas and guarantees optimal antenna reception and range.




    • Enhanced Anti RF-Interference capability with more solid RF performance
    • Smart-matched ACCESS & ACCST D16 modes
    • Supports basic Black-Box function
    • 10 configurable channel ports* (PWM, SBUS, FBUS, or S.Port)
    • Supports signal redundancy (SBUS In)
    • Full control range with telemetry (S.Port or FBUS)
    • Anti-interference capability in the spark-ignition process
    • Over-The-Air (OTA) FW update*
    • External battery/device voltage detection




    • Dimension: 46.5x26.3x14.7mm (L*W*H)
    • Weight: 13g
    • 10 Configurable Channel Ports
    • CP1: PWM / SBUS Out / FBUS / S.Port / SBUS In
    • CP2-10: PWM / SBUS Out / FBUS / S.Port
    • SBUS Out (Supports 16CH / 24CH mode)
    • Operating Voltage Range: 3.5 -10V
    • Operating Current: <100mA@5V
    • Control Range: Full range* with telemetry
    • (*Full Range: >2km, range may vary based on local conditions.)
    • Voltage Measurement Range via AIN2 (External device): 0-35V
    • (Battery Voltage Divider Ratio: 1:10)
    • Compatibility: FrSky 2.4GHz ACCESS / ACCST D16 capable transmitters