• Art Hobby Zuni-DL 1.2 Metre Glider

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    Art Hobby Zuni-DL 1.2 Metre Glider, this glider was specially engineered for discus launch enthusiasts.
    The Zuni-DL is a very good choice as a first discus launch glider.
    Is very light constructed, but rigid high performance 1-meter sailplane. Its light flying mass and composite fuselage construction makes it very rugged. The HN1033 modified thin airfoil was specially designed to allow superb high tosses, air penetration, excellent handling, and extra long glide time.
    Zun-DL is well suited to be the FIRST DLG glider due to its toughness and good handling characteristics.
    The Zuni wing also could be built as polyhedral wing if desired by the builder.


    Kit contains: 
    model components, all necessary hardware, drawing and step by step instructions.


    Wing span
    Glider weight
    Wing area
    Wing airfoi
    1200 mm / 47.24 in.
    800 mm / 31.5 in.
    ~178 g / 6.2 oz.
    15.9 dm² / 246.4 sq.in.
    Ailerons servos
    6CH. or more 
    6 CH. or more - Minima-6E
    2 x HS-45HB or similar
    2 x HS-45HB, HS-35HD or similar
    350LiPo or 800mAh, 4.8V or similar