• TOPMODELcz Swift S1 Jeppesen 3.14M Deluxe Scale Sailplane

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    TopmodelCZ Swift S1 Jeppesen 3.14M Deluxe is a superb scale model of the famous full-size sailplane as flown by the famous display pilot Mike Rottland.

    This Deluxe TopmodelCZ ARF kit is a stunning, fully finished model with hand matched components.

    The fuselage has the cabin with fibreglass seat and dashboard panel already installed, along with it's hinged canopy. Fuselage control runs are fitted, as well as the retracting main gear and bay doors, tailwheel and tow mechanism.

    The wings are complete with control surfaces, servo wiring, connectors, metal airbrakes, joiner casings and wing fixing devices all in place.

    Even the superb decal set is factory applied.

    The Swift S1 DL has flaps as well as the Schempp-Hirth airbrakes. Each wing trailing edge is effectively divided into two parts to provide the ailerons and flaps. Although a slight depature from true scale the extra effective flap length affords distinct advantages. They can be synchronised as full ailerons for aeros and for camber control, as well as mixed for CROW braking. This ensures Swift's powerful aerobatic and soaring capabilty and yet provides far more flexibility for safe landings.

    The Swift S1 Deluxe ARF kit features:

    • Fully finished fibreglass fuselage with installed cockpit detail.
    • Fibreglass canopy frame, canopy fitted and hinged.
    • Retract gear, bay doors, tailwheel and tow hook already installed.
    • Finished foam core, obechi skinned wings with carbon-fibre reinforcing covered with genuine Oracover®. Metal airbrakes, connectors, wiring, wing fixings and control surfaces already installed.
    • Foam core, obechi skinned horizontal stabiliser covered with Oracover®.
    • Fibreglass hollow moulded fin.
    • Accessories and hardware.
    • Complete assembly manual

    Topmodel Swift S1 Deluxe is a superb product, setting a new and very high standard of quality and completeness in this category of ARF.

    Manufacturer's Servo Guide:

    • Ailerons (4x micro servos) HS-5245MG digi (HS-225MG)
    • Elevator (1x micro servo) HS-5245MG digi (HS-225MG)
    • Rudder (1x STD servo) HS- 475HB
    • Airbrakes (2x micro servos) HS-82MG (HS-81)
    • Retract gear (1x STD servo) HS-475HB
    • Tow hook (1x STD servo) HS-645MG

    Power Package Guide:

    • Motor: Hacker A50 14L
    • ESC: 77A
    • LiPo: 8S - 4500 to 5000mAh)
    • Prop: Aero Naut CAM Carbon 16x10 folder

    TOPMODELcz Swift S1 Jeppesen 3.14M Deluxe Scale Sailplane