• TOPMODELcz Swift S1 3.73M Semi-Scale Sailplane Deluxe Version

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    TopmodelCZ Swift S1 3.73M span semi-scale sailplane, is typical of Topmodel's superb range of Deluxe Version ARF kits.

    Modelled on the famous, Jeppersen sponsored, Henry Bohlig display machine, Swift is beautifully finished with nearly all work completed, leaving only the fitting of radio gear necessary. Swift makes an imposing and superbly impressive sport machine and provides a sparkling aerobatic performance that will delight the most critical of enthusiasts.

    Swift is equipped with air-brakes and also with camber flaps. Purely to optimise versatility, these flaps are proportionally longer than when compared to the full-size and are divided into two parts. These parts can be used together, as huge ailerons and also as camber flaps. This makes Swift even more flexible and efficient for soaring and precision landing - and also enhances aerobatic performance.

    TopmodelCZ Swift S1 3.73M Deluxe Version:

    • Fully built-up and component-matched model.
    • Fully finished fibreglass fuselage with installed canopy and sliding hatch, fibreglass seat and dashboard panel.
    • Rudder and Bowden cables are fitted.
    • Retract gear with bay doors are installed, as too are the tailwheel and tow hook.
    • Fully finished foam-core, obechi skinned wings are reinforced with carbon fibre, have metallic airbrakes installed, and are covered with genuine Oracover®.
    • Connectors, wiring for aileron servos and airbrakes, wing fixings, wing joiner casing are all fitted and finished.
    • The foam core, obechi skinned horizontal stabiliser is also covered with Oracover®.
    • Decals are factory applied.

     The Swift Deluxe ARF kit also includes quality hardware, accessories and a comprehensive assembly manual.

    Make no mistake, this is a premium, high quality product, that sets the bar even higher for the standard in this category!

    The model is designed and manufactured in Czech Republic. Spare parts are readily available through T9HobbySport.

    Manufacturers Suggested Equipment:

    • Ailerons (4 micro servos) HS-5245MG digi (HS-225 MG)
    • Elevator (1 micro servo) HS-5245MG digi (HS-225 MG)
    • Rudder (1 servo STD) HS-475HB
    • Airbrakes (2 micro servos) HS-82MG (HS-81)
    • Retract Gear (1 servo STD) HS-475HB
    • Tow Hook (1 servo STD) HS-HS 645MG

    As a guide, the following could be used to provide Swift with the flexibility of electric power:

    • Hacker A50 14L
    • Jeti Spin Pro 77 Opto ESC
    • 8S LiPo battery (4500 - 5000 mAh)
    • Aeronaut CAM Carbon 16x10 folding propeller

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