• TOPMODELcz Fox MDM1 4M Delux Semi Scale Glider

    - TOPMODELcz Fox MDM1 4M Delux Semi Scale Glider Available for Preorder
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    Current stock is the delux version with wiring and cockpit detail

    The Topmodelcz Fox MDM1 is a 4M span semi-scale 1:3,5 of the famous two-seater aerobatic sailplane.

    Semi or sport scale indicates that the model design has been technically optimized for performance and efficiency with some very small but logical deviations from absolute true scale. These small compromises still produce a great looking model but one free of vices, ensuring characteristics that makes it a practical, efficient and enjoyable flier. 

    This Topmodel Fox is a pure aerobatic model in keeping with the full-size, yet one that will also fly in much lighter conditions too, thanks to the aerofoil section and configuration employed.

    FOX has a broad range of speed and admirable stability.

    The wings are equipped with air-brakes and also with camber flaps. These flaps have a longer length compared to reality and are divided into 2 parts. Thus, it is possible to use these 2 parts, together, like gigantic ailerons but also as camber flaps. This makes possible to make the FOX even more general-purpose yet retain the essential aerobatic agility.

    The model has impressive fit and finish in keeping with the legendary quality of TOPMODEL CZ kits.

    Fox is delivered as a superbly complete ARF version - with genuine Oracover® already applied, as well as ready installed airbrakes, landing gear and tail wheel. Accessories includes parts needed to completion of a fully functioning and openable cab.

    Spare parts are easily available to ensure a long and enjoyable service and operation life for this magnificent machine.

    Kit Features:

    • Fibreglass, white gelcoated fuselage, with main fixed landing gear installed.
    • Cabin frame in 2 component parts, moulded in fibreglass with a transparent PVC canopy.
    • Foam core, obechi sheeted wings covered with genuine Oracover®.  Fibreglass and carbon cloth reinforcement is fully utilised under the obechi.
    • Wing joiner is carbon rod wrapped in kevlar.
    • Aileron and flap surfaces hinged and finished.Schempp-Hirth mechanical metal airbrakes installed with flush covers.
    • Horizontal stabiliser and fin are moulded fibreglass, fully finished.
    • High quality hardware set (fibreglass control horns, metal clevises, push-rods, screws ... etc).
    • Vinyl CNC cut decals.
    • High quality and clear manual for assembly drawing plan.

    Topmodelcz Fox MDM1 4M Manual - click herePDF

    TOPMODELcz Fox MDM1 4M Semi Scale Glider