• TOPMODELcz Discus 2a 1:4 Scale 3.75M Glider

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    The TopmodelCZ Discus 2a 1:4 scale 3.75M is available in two kit versions.

    The economical Discus 2a Standard Kit requires around 10 hours to be flight ready.

    The Discus 2a DeLuxe Kit requires just 3 to 5 hours, with much more of the assembly preparation already factory finished.

    Either kit version of the Topmodel Discus 2a produces a very precise 1:4 scale model of the ultimate Discus 2a full-size production machine, that provides flight characteristics, performance and stunning looks to accurately emulate the real version of this famous sailplane.

    The standard kit features:

    • Fully finished fibreglass fuselage with carbon reinforcements and fitted control runs.
    • Elevator servo tray already installed in the fin post.
    • Transparent canopy, fibreglass frame and hatch latch.
    • Foam core, obechi skinned wings finished with Oracover® and metal airbrakes already installed.
    • Ailerons finished ready to be hinged. Fibreglass rod wing joiner.
    • Fibreglass hollow molded winglets, horizontal stabiliser and fin.
    • High quality vinyl stickers set, all CNC cut.
    • All other hardware (servos trays, etc…)
    • Step-by-step building instructions.

    The deluxe kit additionally offers:

    • Ready installed canopy and sliding hatch, fibreglass seat and dashboard panel.
    • Pre-wired 9 pins connectors, ready installed at the wing saddles with wing retention devices also installed.
    • Retract gear and bay doors installed, tailwheel and tow hook already fitted.
    • All factory finished, needing only the fitting of the radio gear!

    Please note:

    Just the detail picture no.3 shows the Deluxe Kit - the other component shots represent the Standard Kit contents.  The airbrake detail is common to both versions.

    TopModelCZ Discus 2a 1:4 Scale 3.75m Glider dimensions and weight

    RC Functions/Controls:

    Ailerons: (2x micro servos)
    Elevator: (1x micro servo)
    Rudder: (1x STD servo)
    Airbrakes: (2x micro servos)
    Retract Gear: (1 STD servo)
    Tow Hook: (1 STD servo)