• The Best Of Scale Soaring

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    If you are a glider nut you have to love the beauty and grace of vintage and modern scale gliders. Out of all of the types of R/C soaring filming big scale planes is the best and Paul Nathan has put together a new collection of the best footage shot over the past few years.

    Getting scale gliders on video is no easy task it’s hard to get the right pilots flying the cool planes during the perfect weather conditions. This new DVD is almost 2 hours of footage where all of these factors came together and the results are spectacular.

    You will first visit the prestigious 2007 JR aero tow event where North Americas top pilots gathered to fly the biggest and baddest 1/3 to 1/2 scale gliders. Were talking BIG planes here guys!

    Featured sailplanes include a 1/2 scale ASW-28 with on-board video camera soaring champion Mike Smiths 1/3 carbon DG-800 a rare 1/3 Horton Parabola flying wing and Eric Myers amazing jet-powered Fox aerobatic plane. The flight sequences flown by these pro pilots set to classical music are amazingly cool.

    Paul has seen and filmed everything in soaring but I have to say I was totally impressed by the quality of planes and piloting at this event. I think you’ll be impressed too when you see these big scale planes fly.

    After you settle down from the aero tow event check out the extensive extras on the DVD. You will find four informative interviews with some of the JR pilots who talk about their models in great detail.

    There’s lots more flying too with hot aerobatic sequences flown by the sport’s best like Peter Goldsmith’s 1/3 DG-800 show-stopping aerobatics at the SEFF and Steve Condon’s epic Discus flight during a thunderstorm at Los Banos.

    Other extras include a classic Minmoa cruising the cliffs of Torrey Pines and I fly my 1/3 Discus in huge air conditions at Oregon’s gorgeous Peterson Butte slope in a very unscale like manner. (very radical)

    After watching all of this scale flying if you don’t yet own a scale glider you soon will!