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    Paul Naton spent a long weekend in San Diego with ace instructor Mike Smith who did such an great job on the Master Class 1. They had talked about the skills he saw lacking in pilots (even experienced ones) who he saw fly at his local field and at national meets. We both decided to make this Master Class about skill building. 


    Mike is great teacher because he makes you rethink the way you fly and question those aspects of soaring you thought you knew well.


    We shot hours of thermal flights over the course of 3 days with Mike wired up to the camera talking about every move he made in the air and why he did it. Whats really cool about this DVD is that we had a HD video camera on his new F3J Aspire which was recording the flights synced up to the ground camera. We also put a yaw indicator on the nose of the plane so you can see how adverse yaw effects flight in real time.


    The Soaring Master Class 3 DVD is one of my very best instructional DVDs Im really happy with how it turned out. I already did many tweeks to my unlimited glider radio set up to improve rudder responce.


    Mike demonstrates how to set up your rudder mixing and differentials for coordinated turns and you see those effects on the yaw angle of the glider as he changes the mixes.The onboard camera and Mikes zen-like commentary while thermaling really makes this training DVD unique.


    Other subjects covered are thermaling technique air reading while in flight managing the planes energyspeed attitude and how to adjust the glider to changing conditions. This DVD emphasises in-flight training but theres a nice amount of ground school tutorials as well. This DVD will be incredibly useful to all soaring pilots as the skills and tutorials taught can be applied to any type of glider. (except maybe a 4 kilo PSS sloper)