• Secrets Of Thermal Soaring

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    Learning to how to catch thermals with your glider is the hardest skill to learn. Period.

    Paul Naton has been thermal flying for over 20 years and is still learning and getting better. Thermaling is like that no one will totally master it though with some training and practice you can be one of those guys who always seem to find lift when others cant.

    The Secrets of Thermal Soaring DVD as a comprehensive training video which will teach you basic and advanced thermaling and air reading techniques that will help you find and climb high in invisible lift.

    You cant catch a thermal without understanding what a thermal looks like how it is formed and how it moves and effects the wind around it. Thermaling is all about visualization and the entire DVD is designed to help you see the invisible and imagine the complex patterns in the air your plane flies in.

    This highly detailed DVD uses over 135 detailed diagrams and live video footage to show you how to find and track these invisible columns of rising air and this video is certainly the fast and easy way to learn thermaling skills.

    You learn how to read the air using wind shifts to detect the location and movement of a thermal has it forms and moves across you flying field. Once you learn the skills and techniques taught in this DVD you will soon be finding observing and catching thermals like an expert. Its easy once you learn the Secrets.

    Also included information of thermal circling technique and search patterns that will help you stay and climb in a thermal once you find it.

    The best part of the DVD is the footage of real thermals forming and moving. I shot this amazing footage in Oregons Willamette Valley where super fine dust gets picked up easily in thermals.

    This DVD is an excellent training tool for pilots of any skill level who wish to improve their air reading and thermal spotting skills. As with our other training DVDs if you dont learn 25 bucks worth of soaring knowledge just return it for a full refund.