• Savox SH-1357 Mini Size Coreless Digital Servo

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    The new SH-1357 servo from Savox is light responsive and fast. The 0.07 sec/60° speed provides you with supreme enjoyment and excitement without any delay.
    The light weight of 26gm will indulge you in fluent and free fly experience with lower power consumption.
    The Coreless motor inside has brought the output performance to a greater level - smoother faster and more efficient.
    The golden metallic case design not only exude an exquisite style but helps the operating to stay cool and smooth.
    Ideal for an all moving elevator and rudder on 450 level heli CCPM on 500 level heli and steering servo on 1/12th scale car.
    Spec Check
    Dimensions: 35.0 x 15 x 29.2mm
    Weight: 26g
    Speed (sec/60°): 0.07
    Torque (kg-cm/oz-in): 2.5/34.7
    Gear: Industrial Plastic
    Case: Aluminium