• Royal Model Zora 1500mm Electric Glider

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    Zora from Royal-Model is an electric powered, thermal glider of approx. 1500mm wingspan for sport flying with aileron, elevator and motor control.

    Lightweight but strong, Zora has a tubular carbon wing-spar which allows loading with minimal flex. The MH-32 wing section is thin and efficient but with a forgiving character and that, with the low overall weight, makes Zora an ideal first aileron model, without compromising on flight performance.

    Zora is incredible value for such quality and promotes economy further by requiring only a modest power train to get the best from her. A speed 400/480 class motor is recommended - so a brushless motor from T9 HobbySport's range of Leopard Motors range would be ideal, in conjunction with a matching Leopard ESC and a 2 cell LiPo.

    This is a beautifully presented ARF machine with a fibreglass fuselage and her open structure wings and tail set fully covered, finished and seam-sealed with high quality, tough film.

    Wingspan: 1490mm
    Lenght: 880mm
    Wing area: 21,7 dm2
    Weight: 550gm
    Aerofoil Section: MH-32
    RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator and Motor (throttle)

    A hardware set is supplied with Zora, so too are instructions.

    Why not ask T9 to suggest a recommended T9 power and servo set to make your Zora fully complete and totally ready for the simple assembly?