• Royal Model Snipp 1.3M Hotliner Racer Style EP Glider

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    Royal-Model Snipp is simply a fully moulded, 1300mm wing span, fast electric powered rocketship.

    All fibreglass, and with flavours of glider, hotliner and pylon racer combined, Snipp is the perfect model as a tough and versatile, all-round fun flier to get the heart pumping.

    With aerodynamic design and construction quality optimised, excellent performance and flying characteristics are guaranteed - after all it's a Royal-Model.

    Snipp has a fibreglass fuselage, a moulded fibreglass wing and tail surfaces, with carbon spars and comes ARF, complete with hardware set and instructions.

    300 to 400W of brushless power is recommended by Royal-Model, and will provide scintillating thrills for experienced fliers.

    Again, Royal say that Snipp is "an ideal choice for pilots who are crazy for dynamic experience" - and again, we believe them.

    Wingspan: 1300mm
    Length: 800mm
    Wing area: 18 dm2
    Weight (empty): 330 g
    Aerofoil: special ....... (Oooh Eeer - Royal aren't telling!)
    RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator and Throttle.