• Royal Model Projectile 950mm Sport Racer Electric

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    The 950mm span Royal-Model Projectile is a great value sport-flier, fully capable of completely mad performance. It's all in the name really.

    With an empty weight of 320gm and the upper recommended power of 300W, this baby is excitement with a capital E !

    Projectile has a fibreglass fuselage and a balsa ribbed, fully balsa sheeted and film covered one-piece wing, with carbon spar and fibreglass reinforcement. Suitable power would be 200 to 300W brushless and a 3S LiPo - although there are those that have shoe-horned in much more.

    The kit is complete with hardware and instructions.

    The excellent, designed-in Royal-Model flying characteristics apply here, as ever - but this machine is ..... eeerm? ..... well, a Projectile.

    You could fly Projectile more slowly of course - but that sort of defeats the point.

    Are your thumbs up to the challenge?

    Wingspan: 950mm
    Length: 760 mm
    Wing area: 14,5 dm2
    Weight (empty): 320 gm
    Aerofoil: MH-32
    RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator and Motor