• Royal Model Pilatus B4 3M Sailplane

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    The Royal Model Pilatus B4 is a 3 metre wingspan, 1/5 sport-scale model of the famous Pilatus P-11 (B4) originating from Switzerland.

    The B4 is suitable for both aerotow and the slope, with good aerobatic capabilities, and an overall performance that will provide great flying for experienced sailplane enthusiasts.

    The fuselage is finely finished gel-coated fibreglass with appropriate local reinforcements. The rudder is also fibreglass, whereas the stabiliser is balsa construction for lightness, and supplied factory covered. Canopy frame and clear canopy are supplied.

    The fully sheeted panels of the two piece wing have full carbon spars for stiffness and strength, a steel wing joiner, factory installed double height airbrakes, plus pre-cut and fitted ailerons, as well as servo bays. The covering is again high quality iron-on foil, with good dense colour and well sealed seams.

    Decals and instructions are included.

    Pilatus is available in two colourways: all white and all yellow. Please note that the 'yellow' picture is of an older, overall product, so should be considered for colour reference only.

    Wingspan: 3000 mm
    Length: 1320 mm
    Wing area: 56,6 dm2
    Weight: 2500 g
    Aerofoil: HQ 2/12

    RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Airbrakes