• Royal Model DG-303 Elan 3.75M 1/4 Sport Scale Sailplane

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    This is a Royal-Model 1/4 semi-scale model of the DG-303 Elan by DG Flugzeugbau GmbH.

    DG-303 an ARF sailplane with all major components fully finished to Royal-Model's exacting standards.

    The fuselage is gel-coated epoxy glass with a moulded rudder, plus crystal clear canopy with frame. Foam wings are sheeted with Obechi and covered with high quality and hand sealed foil. Double height airbrakes are ready installed at the factory and the balsa T stabiliser is covered and finished. The signature Elan winglets are fully moulded.

    The package is complete with the hardware set, decals and instructions.

    Thermal lift or slope lift, the 3.75M DG-303 has the performance and vice-free flight characteristics to delight any experienced glider enthusiast, and displays an utterly convincing presence of the full-size machine in the air.

    Wingspan: 3750mm
    Length: 1720mm
    Wing area: 67 dm2
    Weight (empty): 3500 g
    Aerofoil: HQ 2,5/14
    RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Airbrakes.