• Royal Model Culex LMR 1.95M Lightweight Glider EP

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    Culex LMR from Royal-Model is a lightweight 1.95M span thermal electric powered glider, perfected for F5J LMR (Limited Motor Run) class competition, but also giving performance and handling that makes her a superb sport flier.

    The Culex fuselage is gel-coated fibreglass with a carbon fibre tail boom. The exceptionally stiff and strong wing is all balsa built-up and covered with hand sealed, high quality Solarfim SP. The main spar is carbon fibre, and also the wing leading edge. The ailerons are precut, factory covered and already hinged. The tail units are balsa and also covered with film.

    An excellent light-lift performer, Culex has a long tail moment and large tail surfaces that give astonishing low speed handling. Power can be provided by a 400 size brushed motor direct or gear drive, or (preferably) with a small brushless outrunner motor, or inrunner motor with gear drive.

    Demonstrating the very best in high quality ARF design and production, the Royal-Model Culex LMR needs only basic assembly, plus motor and radio installation.

    Wingspan: 1950mm
    Length: 1100mm
    Wing area: 31 dm2
    Weight (empty): 380gm
    Aerofoil: MH-32
    RC Functions: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Motor control.

    Kit Contents: Fibreglass fuselage, carbon tube boom, wing and tail surfaces of balsa construction expertly covered with Solarfilm SP, hardware set and instructions.