• Royal Model ASW-28-18 4M All Moulded Sailplane

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    The ASW 28-18 1:4.4 semi scale sailplane from Royal-Model, is a fully moulded fibreglass, 4 metre span machine.

    The quality and finish are stunning, with exactly the same grace and presence of the original, full size Alexander Schleicher GmBh ASW 28 equipped with it's 18 metre wings and elegant wing-tip extensions.

    The fuselage is epoxy glass with a white epoxy gelcoat, so too the wings and tail, with the solid steel wing joiner just ready to slide into place.

    The model comes with retract gear and sprung doors already installed, double height airbrakes factory fitted, detailed cockpit with seat liner and a superbly fitting clear canopy - a great looking 'office' that's just ready and waiting for a quality pilot figure and the final scale touches.

    Top quality harware is supplied and used throughout. The package is complete with authentic decals and instructions.

    For thermal work from line or tow, or gracefully cruising ridge and slope, this is a fine model with the performance, good manners and the looks to delight any experienced enthusiast.

    If you can read German, there's a review here: Royal-Model ASW 28-18 review.

    If you can't read German, then Google Translate is good for a smile or two - or just have a look at the great pictures - they speak volumes about this wonderful model.

    Wingspan: 4090 mm
    Length: 1505 mm
    Wing Area: 58,8 dm2
    Weight: approx. 4000 gm
    Aerofoil: HQ 3/12

    Control functions required for: ailerons, elevator, rudder, airbrakes and retract mechanism.