• Reichard Models Proxima 2

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    The Proxima II model is a powerful electric glider that is suitable for both thermal and slope flying. The construction is strong enough even for flying acrobatic elements. It is equipped with lift flaps.
    laminate hull
    polystyrene wings coated with balsa and reinforced with laminate
    processed by CNC technology
    pre-machined servo holes
    the wings slide onto steel couplings Ø 8 and 3 mm and can withstand even very vigorous flying
    laminate cabin
    the T-type elevator is better protected when landing on unimproved surfaces
    rudder and elevator are of balsa construction
    the model is covered with Oracover foil
    the kit contains small accessories
    RC Features:
    rudder, elevator, ailerons, flaps, engine
    Dimensions and weights
    Span : : 2780 mm
    Length : : 1230 mm
    Mass : : 1450 g
    Flat : : 55.7 dm2
    Profile : : S 3021
    Recommended accessories
    Engine : 300+W ( MVVS 3.5, AXI 2820/x, Mega AC 22/30/x )
    Regulator : 40A
    Battery : 8-10 NiXX, 3 LiPo
    Servo : ailerons HS-81, resp. flaps HS-82MG, elevator HS-65HB, rudder HS-81
    Propeller : according to the engine manufacturer