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    Mistral is a powerful thermic glider with ailerons and wing flaps There is a continuos wing deflection that makes it's shape ideal. Fibreglass wing endings are bent down which improves flying characteristics. Mistral is ideal for slope and thermic flying.
    Special Features:
    Fibreglass fuselage reinforced with skid in upper part
    Foam core balsa/fibreglass sheeted two-pieces wing with fibreglass endings and fibreglass layer between balsa and foam
    Made by CNC technology
    Special wing design and structure result in extremely stiff but yet very light construction extended GFK fibreglass canopy makes easy access to RC parts
    8 and 3 mm steel rod wing joiners
    Pre-hinged ailerons and flaps
    Oracover on wings and balsa tail parts
    Tight covering with all seams hand-sealed
    Includes all necessary hardware
    RC function:
    Rudder elevator ailerons wing flaps (brakes)
    Technical Data
    Wingspan : : 2600 mm
    Length : : 1150 mm
    Weight : : 890 g
    Area : : 485 dm2
    Airfoil : : S 3021
    Recommended Accessories
    Batteries : 4cells NiXX
    Servo : ailerons HS-81 flaps HS-82MG elevator HS-81 rudder HS-81