• Reichard Models Laminar XLF-207 4.4M

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    The Reichard 4.4M Laminar is a beautiful model of a very special full size machine.

    The Letov XLF-207 Laminar, is a derivative of the equally gorgeous LF-107 Luňák and holds the distinction of being the first glider in the world to have a laminar flow wing. In fact research into laminar flow wings was carried out by the XLF-207 Laminar, and to all intents and purposes it was really an LF-107 simply fitted with laminar flow wings.

    New wings were "sandwiched" onto the hull of the second prototype machine and the maiden flight took place in Praha Letnany in August 1951

    In Laminar's first competitive event, the pilot won gold, in addition to first and three diamonds.

    The model is manufactured and supplied in the original blue color which, with the unusual wing shape and sleek aerodynamic lines, makes it a real head-turner at the field.


    • Fibreglass fuselage
    • Balsa covered, foam cored wings with fiberglass leading edge. Under the balsa covering is ample reinforcement of fiberglass and carbon fiber achieving strength and low weight
    • The wing-joiner is located in the middle of a fibreglass spar
    • Six servo wing, with split ailerons - two per panel plus flaps
    • Clear canopy and frame
    • Rudder and elevator are balsa construction
    • Covering is genuine Solarfilm
    • Kit includes all necessary hardware

    RC functions:

    Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons (two operational surfaces on each side), Flaps, Air brakes

    Recommended equipment:

    Servos:  HS-225MG for ailerons, HS-225MG for flaps, HS-645MG for elevator, HS-645MG for rudder


    Technical Data:

    Wingspan 4400 mm
    Length 1840 mm
    Weight 4200 gm
    Area 131 dm2
    Airfoil 30-13 HQ / HQ 30-10