• RCRCM Tomcat 2.5metre Glider

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    - Carbon version - Yellow + Blue .... Out of stock
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    - Glass version - White with Red trim .... Out of stock
    £427.19 (Incl. VAT)
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    The RCRCM Tomcat is designed for fast, slick slopeside aeros.

    Svelte and sexy, Tomcat looks good, feels good, and flies beautifully.

    With super slender fuselage lines and a thin, stiff wing, Tomcat is available in a variety of colours.

    Also available in glass and carbon versions, each airframe comes complete with:

    • Servo tray
    • Ballast tube
    • Clevises and rods
    • Servo mounts

    Shipping is approximately as follows: UK £18.99, Europe £30, USA £65 - but with the ever shifting sands of transport costs please use our order system, or phone us for totally up-to-date information.