• RCRCM Strega 2.9M Carbon F3f

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    - RCRCM Strega 2.9M Carbon F3f Out of stock
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    Defn:  stregheria - n. (mod. Italian) witchcraft, sorcery.   Strega - n.Witch

    Far removed from a wrinkled old woman on a broomstick, Strega is a sleek, accurately constructed, fully moulded airframe that delivers it's very own sort of magic. An accomplished racer - or well mannered sport flier too, for those who want something rather special at a sensible price.

    Primarily conceived as an F3f racer, Strega's wings are an extensively tunnel-tested blend of non-undercambered JH8 series sections, from 8% at the root to 7% at the tip.  The elliptical plan form is optimised to achieve good lift distribution and little tendency for the tip stall behaviour usually associated with elliptical wings.  Strega has an impressively large and supremely strong carbon wing joiner to complement the airframe construction.

    Similar design attention had been paid to the tail feathers too.  With minimal drag at all speeds, they have an extremely advanced symmetrical section.

    Strega's efficiency covers her entire range of operating speeds.  Large flaps provide extremely benign mannered slow handling - and CROW landings are a breeze.  At racing speeds, the energy retention is astonishing in either banked EM style turns or inverted reversals.  Tracking is very positive and the additional application of snap flap just adds to the kick in the turn.

    Don't race?  Strega is an efficient and forgiving machine that is already satisfying many sport fliers that were simply looking for something that bit special and gorgeous for the slope, with an ability to make the most of an incredibly wide range of conditions.  For some, it has been only their second moulded machine - for some with just reasonable flying experience, it has successfully been their first!

    The Strega package is very comprehensive, has good fit and finish, many fittings pre-installed and additional, T9 custom specified airframe strengthening - and all at a very attractive price for this fine standard and pedigree of machine.

    Strega can accommodate a wide range of equipment to make her complete. T9 will always provide advice to help your choice and an attractively priced flight pack of equipment to accommodate your budget if required.

    Wing span: 2.9m
    Length: 1.46m
    Wing aerofoil: RC blended
    Wing area: 56.3dm2
    Tail aerofoil: RC series
    Control surface: ailerons, flaps, elevator, rudder
    Empty weight: 1667g (light carbon), 1700-1800g (single carbon)