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     NIMBUS Sunglasses: Now With Tougher, TR90 Frames and Available in Black or Silver 

    The Nimbus polarised RC sunglasses set enjoys a superb specification. Nimbus sunglasses have been specifically designed and manufactured for radio controlled modellers, with interchangeable lenses for different light conditions - with the Category 0 yellow lenses fitted, you can even enjoy the benefits of light enhancement on a cloudy day. New for 2009 is the tougher, bullet-resistant TR90 frame.

    Polarised sunglasses greatly reduce glare, which is an effect caused by light hitting horizontally flat surfaces. Polarized lenses filter out this light to greatly enhance your visibility.

    Other manufacturers of interchangeables rarely offer polarised lenses as standard - they certainly don't give you two sets for your money. For that reason, the Nimbus offer fantastic value when compared to eyewear that's available for any sport.
    Featuring 100% UVA / UVB protection, the TR90 Nimbus sunglasses benefit from an especially high-quality, wrap-around frame design that blocks unwanted and annoying light and wind from the sides. The scratch-resistant lenses are de-centred, which negates the possibility of distortion caused by the lens curvature. Conforming to US ANSI Z80.3 and British and European safety standard EN1836, our sunglasses are subjected to a drop-test at the factory, and offer great protection against flying debris should you suffer a mishap. All of our sunglasses carry the renowned European Union 'CE' compliance mark.

    The interchangeable lenses are: yellow (category 0) low light - these actually enhance light and contrast; beige (category 2), polarised, average sunlight; (category 3) polarised mirror, bright sunlight; dark smoked (category 4), very bright conditions.

    All sunglasses come with 4 x sets of lenses as standard, a cleaning cloth and a carry case with belt clip and internal compartments for housing the extra lenses. Our latest stock also includes a neck / head strap.