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    Programming todays computer radios can be a huge pain in the backside.

    Why? The manuals most often leave a lot to be desired. Every radio maker has a different way of implementing the same feature and the guys who write the manuals are engineers not communicators. Its dry reading at best.

    However radio programming is hugely important in making your plane fly well. Even though you might have the CG and decalage set perfectly, if you dont have the proper surface throws, mixes, stick feel and flight modes set correctly the plane will be hard to fly at it's peak performance.

    Radio Clinic for Sailplanes DVD will give you a big head start in understanding your radios software. Its about what the functions are and how to apply them.

    While this DVD cannot possibly cover every detail of every radio on the market, the Radio Clinic will help you understand basic and advanced programming theory and strategies on how to set up efficient programs to make flying easier with less pilot workload.

    Remember, one thing most computer radios have the same basic functions, just different ways of making them work - the APPLICATION of those functions for sailplanes is universal and the same for any radio make or model. Your radio manual will tell you how to get to the function, the Programming Clinic DVD will tell you HOW to use it, WHY to use it and HOW MUCH to set it for.

    Whats unique and cool about this DVD, is that you will watch me program a variety of planes from a basic 2 channel polyhedral, to a 6 servo F3X unlimited ship - and you will see how the surfaces move and see parameters change on the radio programming screen.

    Everything about programming will make more sense once you see it demonstrated on video. You will have many 'NOW-I-Understand' moments after watching this DVD.

    You will learn how to set up pre-programmed mixes like aileron to elevator, elevator to flap (snap-flap), flap to elevator and differentials. Custom mixes are also covered in detail and I will show you how to use them to do some trick mixing.

    I also go into great detail on how to use flight modes (also called flight conditions) which most better radios use to activate many changes in mixing throws and rates, with the flip on just one switch. Flight modes are incredibly powerful in adapting a plane for different flying conditions and you must use flight modes when flying a 6 servo competition type glider.

    Once you study this DVD program you should be able to get your plane to fly smoother faster easier and with less pilot stress.

    You can use the techniques for any Futaba Airtronics JR Graupner and Multiplex radio regular FM/PCM or the new 2.4 spread spectrum systems.

    For those who have the popular JR 9303 sailplane radio you will see this radios extra features demonstrated.