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TJIRC Screamer E Carbon Red

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T9 are excited to introduce the Screamer our new 2 metre fully moulded Mini F3F glider!


We have always felt that there was a model missing from our slopes, a good qualtiy designed 2 metre speedster for sports and maybe some F3F racing. So we took that concept to TJIRC to produce a 2 metre mini f3f style model for speed and performance with some of the characteristics you would normally find on the bigger 3 metre modern F3F models.




  • Slender fuslage
  • 2pc Vtail with control horn shroud
  • Wing ballasting
  • Inverted nose keel mounting and slip on nose cone
  • No physical flap linkages to allow for LDS drive fitting option


Our test model build was straight forward, MKS HV6120 servos in the wing using Tomas Lui LDS Kits.


HV6100 in the fuz Linked up with the pushrods provided and MPjet clevises




Flight perfomance is fast and agile with good grip in the turns and no stall evident at the CG of 96mm.




  • Full carbon or hard glass option
  • 4 servo wing
  • 2 servo mounting keel
  • Completed flying arframe weight 1365g (glass version)
  • CG 94mm/96mm


  • Aileron Up 5mm at tip Down 2mm  
    Flap Up5mm at root Down 2mm  
    Rudder Up 5mm at root Down 5mm  
    Elevator Up 8mm at root Down 5mm  
    Camber  Flap 2mm at root with Aileron matching
    Reflex Flap 1mm at root with Aileron matching
    Crow Flap 30mm at root Aileron 5mm up at tip
      Elevator appox 3mm down  
    Snap Camber 4mm fixed or progessive with elevator




  • 4 x MKS HV1620/HV6130
  • 2x HV6100
  • 1x 2 cell Li Ion Battery
  • 4x LDS kits for servo/ or use standard linkaging


Please contact us when purchasing your glider, we can offer MKS servo package deals when bought with our models