Sanyo XX Eneloop 2500 AA 4.8v RX Flat Pack

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Sanyo XX Eneloop 2500 AA 4.8v RX Flat
Now introducing the eagerly awaited XX (Double X) Eneloop from SANYO featuring the trademark low self-discharge property 2500mAh and power designed for professional use.
For the first time in battery-history it has been possible to combine the advantages of rechargeable batteries with the advantages of disposable batteries. This new kind of battery was developed by SANYO the worldwide leader in rechargeable batteries in 2005 and was launched in the European market in 2006. Since then it has been the most successful new battery ever put on the market.
The Sanyo XX Eneloop takes the regular Eneloop and packs an extra punch to become the best low discharge nimh battery money can buy!
Sanyo XX Eneloop 2500 AA 4.8v RX Flat
Technical Specification
Length mm 57
Width mm 51
Depth mm 13
Battery Capacity 2500
Chemistry Nimh