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ISDT PC-4860 1-8S Parallel Safe Charge Board

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The ISDT PC-4860 Parallel board comes with quality that will truly impress. The PC-4860 has a metal CNC case that is virtually indestructible. Will charge up to 4 different xt-60 style connector batteries at one time. When it comes to safety and lipo batteries you can never be too safe. This aluminum parallel charging board can handle up to 40amp input and has faultless security assurance. If this unit gets too hot or a problem occurs it cannot melt down or cause a fire.


Brand: ISDT
Model: PC-4860
Name: Safe Parallel Board
Size: 88x58x20 mm
Cable Length: 150 mm
Weight: 205 g


Max Input Current: 40A
Max Output Current: 30A/Port
Max Balance Current : 2A    
Balance Cells: 1s~8s
Plug: XT60
Balance Cable: 6S