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FrSky S.Port to UART converter with 2 ADC ports (SP2UART)

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FrSky SP2UART S.Port to UART converter with 2 ADC ports

Product Functions:
1. Serial port Data-Transmission at S.Port BUS.
2. Analog Signal AD input via S.Port.

Operational Voltage: DC 4 -10 V
Weight: 3g
Size: 44mmX15mmX7mm
Current Draw: 20mA @5V
Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85C
UART Definition & Data-Transmission:
Baud Rate: 300 bps (default), 8N1, no parity.
The Baud Rate is possible to reconfiguration within 300bps, 600bps, 1200bps, 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps.
Capacity: Normal capacity (Mode 1) and High capacity (Mode 2)

Reference picture 2:

To Enable Data-transmission at S.PORT BUS, the Host (Type A) and Remote (Type B) devices are requiring use as pair and set in same Capacity Mode.
Here we take the example by XJT module and X8R receiver to introduce how to Data-transmission at S.Port BUS:
- We definition the Host (Type A) is connect with XJT by S.Port, Remote (Type B) is connect with S.Port of X8R receiver.
(The Mode A and Mode B position is exchangeable)
- When input data from Type B UART port will output the same data at Type A UART port. Vice versa.
Obtain AD analog input via X8R & SP2UART adapter:
Many customer contact us how to connect Frsky battery voltage sensor with X8R receiver, because the X8R receiver is not built-in the AD port, which is not support connection FBVS with X8R directly.
Now, you can, through this adapter.

Reference picture 3:

The SP2UART have two ADC ports, supporting link with external analog devices.
It is very simple, just need enable the ADC function by SHORT CIRCUIT S1/S2 & GND is ok, and now you can connect / solder the FBVS to SP2UART as connect with D8R-II plus rx.