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    Scale Soaring is one of the hottest trends in R/C soaring world and our new film PRO AERO TOW features the latest scale ships tow planes and aero towing techniques. This DVD has received accolades from the scale soaring community and is a terrific introduction to the large scale R/C soaring scene. From hand-made museum quality vintage gliders to 1/3 size modern racers this DVD covers it all.

    Make sure you watch the online Pro Aero Tow preview trailer available in both Windows Media 9 and QuickTime formats and be sure to read the reviews and customer comments page.

    Pro Aero Tow firsttakes you to the International Scale Soaring Associations big aero tow event in Southern California for a full hour of flying pilot interviews and the finest in vintage and modern sailplanes. This DVD will also teach you the basic concepts and skills of towing with pilot interviews and easy to understand diagrams.


    Along with all the cool aero towing this DVD also includes gorgeous slope soaring footage from Torrey Pines including Dan Troxells huge Minimoa performing aerobatics on a perfect soaring day. Some Full Scale flying action from the 2001 U.S. National Soaring Championships are also included.

    As with all of our films Pro Aero Tow features creative cinematography dramatic editing and pristine audio. You will find this film beautiful unique and highly entertaining.

    Pro Aero Tow also features an 8 minute bonus track featuring an interview with master builder Tony Elliot about his new 33 foot span 1/3 scale ETA. The flying footage of this huge glider is spectacular. If you like scale gliders you should pick up a copy of this DVD right away!


    Enjoy a wide variety of modern and vintage scale gliders
    Aero Towing and flying.

    • The top pilots show off there latest models with lots of
    educational interviews and aircraft features.

    • Learn the basics of towing with demonstrations and diagrams.

    • Learn about the latest tow planes and how they are equipped.

    • Also included are some gorgeous scale slope soaring shots from
    Torrey Pines including a huge Minimoa and DG-600.

    • Demo flight of the Sperber scale freestyle electric assisted sailplane. Awesome!

    • See Tony Elliots giant 65 pound SB-10 fly. This is one of the largest sailplane in America. He also talks about building and flying this monster aircraft.

    • Master pilot Dan Troxell flies his gorgeous KA-6 Discus 2 and 1/2.5 scale scratch built Grunau 2B.

    • Also featured is Fred Chinas award winning 1936 NEMERE in quarter scale.

    • Watch how real gliders launch with highlights from the
    US full scale Soaring Nationals.