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    Tune any Plane to Perfection

    Do you want to get more performance form your glider?

    Do want it to fly farther and faster with less pilot work load?

    Do you want to have your plane 90% tuned before the first flight?

    Of course you do and thats why Carbon Art made the DVD Performance Tuning For Gliders.

     A lot of questions come from customers and guys at flying sites on how to tune and set up their glider for better performance and frankly they needed to learn how to do this themselves.

    Tuning is not difficult once you learn the procedures and when you see the set up on a variety of planes live on this DVD you will see how easy it is.

    No matter what kind of plane you own the guarantee is that if you apply these tuning techniques to it it will fly better.

    Did you know that most kit's and ARFs come with little or no set up information and if it is included it is often incorrect or too conservative? In this DVD I take a popular basic intermediate ARF glider that flew poorly and with a number of simple changes and modifications made it into a great flying plane.

    It also shows you how to shop tune higher-end gliders including v-tails so you can be confident that your first flight will be smooth and problem-free.

    A unique part of this DVD are the flight demos which graphically illustrate how different center of gravity and aileron differential setting effect a planes flight characteristics. You will see how to test for correct CG using the dive test and inverted dive test. Once you see the demonstrations you will be able to replicate these tests with your glider.