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    The Erwin XL 3M Glider is the big brother of the classic Erwin 2M glider.

    Offering a great relationship between price and performance, the Erwin XL 3M is a tough, full carbon machine perfectly suited to the rough and tumble of the slope. Having said that she also performs brilliantly off a winch from the flat.

    The super stiff wings have been achieved without recourse to the standard CFR sandwich construction. This make Erwin XL particularly good at shrugging off the dings of hangar and transport rash, plus helps minimise dents from landings at sites with less forgiving terrain.

    This special T9 Custom Scheme follows the usual PCM format of coloured upper surfaces, with the underside displaying the gorgeous carbon, and benefits from all the most up-to-date factory revisions:

    The canopy on the fuselage cone provides superb access to battery, radio and servos. The servos controlling the V-tail are now situated in the fuselage.

    The wing panels are now side mounted onto the fuselage wing root fairing. Electrical connection is via plug/socket let into the root rib.

    The wingtips have been further optimised for performance and good-natured handling.

    Precise, simple and neat mounting of the control surface horns is now achieved by prefabricated recess.

    The servo boxes have been optimized for an easy install of all standard servos; eg. Futaba S3150's, with mounting frames.

    PLEASE NOTE:  The T9 Colour Scheme is now illustrated in the FIRST 7 of the pictures opposite - all snatched between horrendous rainstorms - hence the exotic location!

    PCM Erwin XL 3M

    Wingspan [mm]: 3.000
    Aspect ratio: 14,67
    Wing area [dm²]: 61,33
    Wing loading [g/dm²] : 42,4-66,8
    Weight [gm]: 2.800 - 4.300
    Airfoil: vs 1

    Erwin XL 3M Instruction Manual: Click Here