• PCM Erwin 2M

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    PCM's Erwin is one of the most robust models on the slope. Designed for both dynamic soaring and sports flying, it is built for the stress levels of DS, and yet displays no compromise in ease of flying.

    The Erwin construction is a carbon-glass-carbon sandwich and finished clear so you can see all the beauty of the signature Erwin carbon.

    The kit comes with full build and setup instructions and accessories for linkages.

    One unique part of the Erwin is the tape-on wings.  This tape is designed to shear on poor landings, significantly reducing the inertia and helping this already incredibly tough model from picking up damage.


    For assembly instructions and manual - click here
    For a press review - click here

    PCM Erwin 5:

    Wingspan: 2045mm
    Weight: 1300gm
    Aerofoil section: HQW/1.5/7 mod
    Aspect ratio: 13.54