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    These SBEC units from MKS are designed to be connected in-line to each servo in a model, thereby allowing the use of high voltage RX batteries by protecting the servo. They will also protect the system from from voltage drop if one of the servos malfunctions.

    MKS SBEC units can be used with any make of servo.

    However, MKS recommended application for their own servos is as follows:

    MKS DS6125-Mini
    MKS DS6125-H
    MKS DS65K
    MKS DS6100

    MKS DS6125-Glider
    MKS DS6125-e
    MKS DS6188

    Input voltage: 5.1V ~ 8.4V
    Output voltage: 5.0V±0.1V
    Output maximum current: 1.5A or 2A (dependent on unit purchased).
    Maximum working temp: 80 °C
    Wire length: 12 cm
    Weight: 3.73 g