• JR 9303/9503 Screen Protector

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    2 Custom cut RC Screen Protectors for the JR 9303  series radio. 
    This is our best selling RC Screen Protector. JR has produced a powerful top-end radio at an affordable price.  A key element of this radio is it's largest-in-it's-class dot matrix display and innovative Rolling Selector System.
     RC Screen Protectors think these innovations and features make a Screen Protector a must have item (we are a little biased). Would programming be as fun with a scratched screen?
    This Screen Protector also fit's the JR 9XII and Graupner MX24 as marketed in Europe. Of course it also fit's the JR X9303 2.4GHz radio.
    This Screen Protector also fit's the NEW JR 9503.