• High Performance Thermal Soaring

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    Take your thermal soaring skills to the next level with Radio Carbon Arts latest DVD

    This latest DVD High Performance Thermal Soaring teaches you advanced techniques for catching thermals and flying them more efficiently. You will learn to fly smart and smooth and develop an understanding of the importance of trim rudder use tuning and air reading.

    Along with detailed technical tutorials you will learn by watching one of the worlds most talented pilots 2 time world F3J thermal soaring champion David Hobby. David thermals on camera and describes his every move teaching you his techniques for successful performance thermal soaring.

    David also teaches you some great plane setup and air-calling techniques and a whole bunch of cutting edge techniques. You will be blown away with the information he shares with you.

    You might think of this DVD as the sequel to the Secrets of Thermals Soaring DVD with more of an emphasis on advanced flying techniques. It covers CG methods trimming with flight modes rudder theory ballast strategies bank angles and minimum sink and lift over drag ratio.